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CRYSTAL Salt Illumination - A Wonderful Gift from the Environment to You!

The BTB.BIZ Environment Network now offers you the purest of crystal gifts! Salt crystal rock once embedded deep in the Earth over 250 million years ago. Bring this purity into your Home! Learn what others already know. As a unique lamp on stone base, this gift from nature emits enhancing negative ions. It is pure gift and a treasure for keeps!


Click on Here to find out more from our Crystal Illuminations web site!

You want style in your life today, and we strive to bring it to you in the most appealing and economical way.

Here is our premier Crystal Illumination item. A totally pure, electric salt crystal table lamp on a stone base. You can buy it TODAY for a fraction of what you would pay at a retail establishment. BUY TODAY, to begin to enjoy the rewards for all your tomorrows! Click on the Crystal Lamp Photo Above.

We will highlight new and intriguing special order samples each and every month. So, please come back often. You will find what you want and will benefit more than you could ever imagine.

Here is a representative picture of this month's special: Each Crystal Candle Holder is only $39.99 for a limited time with FREE shipping.

Want to get in touch? E-mail us at: crystalorders@betterthanbouncing.com or call toll-free at 1-877-282-4628 and a BTB.BIZ Representative will get back to you quickly.